2015 - January Newsletter

2015 - January Newsletter

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015.
All of our classes start back on Saturday January 17. Hopefully everyone has had time to recover from the celebrations of Christmas and New Year. Time to get back to training and get ready for for a great 2015.
Senior Classes on Thursday Night
Following the interest from members in a more technical class we will be continuing with this session on Thursday nights. This is not a class to be missed with the opportunity to learn new techniques and improve your favorite techniques. For those with the energy to burn, there will be a limited randori session at the end of the class lasting no more than 15 minutes. Thursday training returns on January 22.
Training Fees
There are no changes to our session times for the first half of 2015. Fees for the first term are now due and remain $90/junior and $120/senior player. Please make sure you pay promptly.
JFA Regisitrations
All players training regularly need to be registered members with the JFA. In NSW you can re-register online here, just put in ypur username and password, update any information and re-register. I can help you if you have forgotten any of the details to log on. For new members, you can register at the judonsw website, select Willoughby Judo Club from the list, enter your details and register.

2015 Calendar
Our club calendar is beginning to take shape with the following activities for the junior class.
Term 1 Grading - Mid April to Mid May
Winter Club competition - June 20.
I am keen to have a senior KYU grade open weight competition around the end of May or June - maybe 3 weights, Under 80, under 100 and over 100. Please let me know if you are interested.
2015 Competitions
The first block of competitions for 2015 start off in February with a Kosen Judo competition for our senior players - Kosen judo allows more time in groundwork than the current IJF rules. State level competitors in ACT (late Feb), QLD (mid March), NSW (late March) and a Regional competition (early April) are the 4 selection competitions for qualification to the 2015 National squad.
Date Event Age Registration Weigh-in Start Location
1 Feb BBR Kosen Judo Senior 9.00am 1 Feb 9.00am 1 Feb 10am Judo NSW Training Centre
21,22 Feb ACT Open All 13 Feb 6pm 20,21 Feb 9am Tuggeranong, ACT
1 Mar Illawara Kyu Senior TBA   TBA Kembla Grange
8 Mar Hunter Open All TBA   TBA Cardiff
29 Mar NSW State Title All TBA TBA TBA State Sports Centre

Dan Grade Register
On the last day of training in 2014 we established the Willoughby Judo Club Dan Grade Register and recognised 11 members for their achievements and contributions to the club.  Members on the register receive a numbered black belt recognising their position in the register.
WJC001 Chris Pointer
WJC002 Tony Luey
WJC003 Goran Zuvela
WJC004 Jeff Blows
WJC005 Eiji Hoshino
WJC006 Sam Miller
WJC007 Tom Howden
WJC008 Karl Zuvela
WJC009 Michael Luey
WJC010 Jason Zuvela
WJC011 Glen Hugo
Willoughby Judo Club members are added to the register when they pass their Shodan grading. Members that already have a Dan grade will added to the Dan Grade Register when they have been registered with the JFA as a member of Willoughby Judo Club for 7 years.
For all those blue and brown belt players in the club - get to training(regularly), learn your stuff, compete and get graded and join the register.
Willoughby Park Centre
Progress on the renovations is slow. As a result we can still train in the hall until June 26. This is great news and lets us keep all of our current training schedule running for the first half of the year.
We have looked at a few possible venues for training while the hall is unavailable - none are as large or have the features of the current venue - with the church hall just a few metres away the front runner. With the changes to the schedule for the renovations we have an extra 6 months to find an alternate training venue. Please let me know about any venues that have good storage options and a flat open space of at least 12 metres by 20 metres.