Willoughby Hall Changes

Willoughby Hall Changes

Many of you know that the Willoughby council are renovating the hall we use for training. Our last day for training at the hall before the renovations is June 25. On June 27 we need to move all of our mats to the new venue and we will need everyone to come along and make this as easy as possible. We are going to have a small truck/ute to use from 2pm to get everything to the new venue and there will be a bbq or some drinks after the move.

The new dojo will be in the main hall at Castle Cove Public School on Kendall Road in Castle Cove. Their website doesn't show their location very well but Google maps shows the school location. Our Saturday training times are unchanged - at this stage - but unfortunately we are unable to get a week night tho' I am still trying.

Competition Updates:

Sunday July 5 Junior Points and Senior Kyu grades.
This is going to be a big event and we want many competitors from our club. Juniors must be at least Orange belt to compete but there will be a novice division for senior players with their yellow belt. Registration is onlne.