Hall of Fame
Training group on December 20, 2014

In 2014 we introduced our Hall of Fame and started a tradition. On attaining your dan grade while with Willoughby Judo Club you will also enter the Hall of Fame and be awarded a numbered belt. Members who join Willoughby Judo Club with a dan grade are eligable to be entered into the Hall of Fame once they have trained with Willoughby Judo Club for more than 7 years. On launch we inducted 11 members into the Hall of Fame.

Chris Pointer

WJC 001

Tony Luey

WJC 002

Goran Zuvela

WJC 003

Jeff Blows

WJC 004

Eiji Hoshino

WJC 005

Sam Miller

WJC 006

Tom Howden

WJC 007

Karl Zuvela

WJC 008

Michael Luey

WJC 009

Jason Zuvela

WJC 010

Glen Hugo

WJC 011