Training Sessions at WJC

We train all year round with a short break over Christmas. Come along to any session if you are interested in trying judo.

Thursday 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Juniors - Under 12yrs

Mid week class to refocus and keep working on the next grade

Saturday 1pm to 2pm
Juniors - Under 12

Our younger juniors get a chance to try out their throws and hold downs in an extended randori section of this class.

Saturday 2pm to 3pm
Juniors - 12 to 16yrs

For older junior players only. This class introduces more advanced techniques including strangles and armlocks.

Thursday 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Combined class for any senior players - older juniors can also participate.

Saturday 2pm to 3pm
Beginning Seniors

This is a structured class set over a period of, at least, 10 weeks where we introduce the basics of judo including breakfalls, throwing and ground techniques.

Saturday 3pm to 5pm
Advanced Seniors

Following a brief warmup and uchikomi this class makes the mat available for standing and ground randori. The technical work is limited to the standing and ground uchikomi sessions in the class.